Guzheng Lesson Private Music Lessons

We have provided Erhu and Guzheng lessons for over 20 years with great success. We are currently located in the Hills region of Sydney. There are a number of reasons why you should choose us as the pathway to achieve your musical goals in life:

Group Music Classes

Besides one-on-one Erhu and Guzheng lessons, we also offer group music classes. Group lessons are more affordable. It is an alternative to private lessons.

These lessons allow you to enjoy learning the Erhu or Guzheng with other people. These people may be friends, family, neighbours, or even complete strangers. No matter who they are, the lessons will always be fun and educational due to the interactive nature of these lessons.

Online Music Lessons Skype Me™!

Besides face to face lessons, we also provide lessons via the internet for students who live in areas where travelling to the Chinese Music School of Sydney may be a problem. This option allows you to have a music lesson no matter where you are situated.